• Part of a mill engine
  • Weavers Mule
  • Godrdale Scar, Malham
  • Gears of a weaving machine
  • Old metal plough
  • Climbers on Malham Cove

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One months FREE email support is provided to all participants who attend any courses.

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Make the perfect gift for photographers of all levels, they can be used as full or part payment against any courses.

You can purchase a voucher starting at £20 for a specific course or leave it open and decide later which course to attend.

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Improve Your Photography Skills


If you've got a camera and not sure what all the dials and buttons are for so you tend to just use the auto setting, because its easier. But you'd love to know how to use your camera to capture beautiful photographs of your family that you can treasure, or maybe you'd like to be able to capture stunning landscapes or know how to blur the background.

If so then check out the training pages to find out what courses are available so you could learn how to use your camera confidently and improve your photography. Courses are suitable for complete beginners and amateur photographers, you will be guided step-by-step through the thery, creative and practical aspects of photography so you can take photographs you will be proud of.

Post Processing

All digital photos look a bit flat and dull when you look at them straight from the camera, but with the right knowledge and software you can transform them into a stunning looking image, join one of my post processing courses and learn the skills for yourself.

There are courses for those who are completely new to post processing, which will introduce you to the tools and simple techniques available for the software being used, as well as courses for those who have some experience, but wish to improve their skills.


My One-to-One and group training is specifically tailored to your requirements, training is available in any area of photography or post processing, so if your looking for a personalised learning experience, contact me to find out more.

Information about all my courses is on the training pages, go and have a look now and book on to a course and experience for yourself the pleasure of knowing how to take stunning photographs.